Essays By Joel Aleburu

On this website, Joel shares his thoughts on cyber security, cyber warfare, diplomacy, peace, conflict, and war in his monthly long essays.

All opinions expressed in Joel’s essays are his own and do not reflect the opinions or strategic positions of his employers.

Joel Aleburu is a Senior Security Specialist with a leading Cyber Security multinational in the Republic of Ireland. He is a recognized expert in the cyber security and warfare strategy community. Joel has extensive knowledge in specialized training of personnel, regulatory requirements, global risk and international security. Over the years, he has gained experience building and leading security practices protecting critical infrastructure in the public and private sectors.


He is an experienced computer scientist with a primary focus on nation-state attacks and the protection of critical systems. He holds a masters degree in Cyber Security from the University of York and is a well-referenced and quoted speaker and writer. His work reflects his interest in the intersection of leadership, engineering, technology and innovation, particularly in theoretical state and cyber warfare defence and strategy.

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